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History of the Mimes and Mummers and Chronology of Shows 1855-Present

Barrett and Fechleter Awards' History

Johnny Awards History (also featuring the Mime and Miles Swanson Awards)

Many thanks to: Tod Engle FCRH '79, Tim Kelley FCRH '81, Gabriel Lopez FCRH '64, Kathy Phillips FCRH '83, Laura Byrne-Cristiano FCRH '88 Heather Fournier-Truscinski '97, Dennis McCarthy FCRH '02, Tom Beck FCRH '91, Carolanne Solebello FCRH '90, Rich Mayora FCRH '81, Amy Alapati FCRH '83, Jim DeProphetis FCRH '05, Ed Kiley FCRH '95, Tara Zegers FCRH '94 any many others who helped to "fill in the blanks" on these lists.

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