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We are asking Mimes Alums to give of themselves-- your ideas, your enthusiasm, and your expertise.  Specifically there are two projects that we are looking to YOU to help make happen:

  • Mentoring Program
    Mimes have carved out careers in a wide variety of fields-law, education, finance, the arts. As mentors we can help a current senior or recent grad navigate their way in their chosen profession.
    If you are interested in being a mentor, please contact Dennis McCarthy at DennisM@mimesalums.org


  • Community Outreach
    Imagine the partnerships the Mimes can forge within the Bronx community.  Elementary and High Schools, Senior Centers, and Community Organizations offer untapped opportunities for the Mimes, not only to perform but to become an integral part of the neighborhood.
    If you are interested in being involved with community outreach, please contact Natalie Medaglio at


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