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Buried Child Pictures courtesy of Gail Stan Molinari FCRH '86


Mike McKenna CBARH '88 in the shop (currently the FET blackbox theater) slaving away on the Buried Child Set.

Kevin Cristiano FCRH'88 and Laura Byrne FCRH'88 salvaging lighting instruments for Buried Child.

The cast of Buried Child getting their make-up on. In mirror: Barbara Papendorp FCLC '87, Denis Murphy FCRH '89, Eric Tossi RCRH '86

Bob Barry CBARH '87, John Boreland FCRH '89, Barbara Papendorp FCCLC '87, Eric Tossi FCRH '86, Pete Flihan FCRH '86 practice in the hall (back in the days when it was still painted pink and green)

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