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You Can't Take It With You 1985 Pictures courtesy of Gail Stan Molinari FCRH '86


Chris King FCRH ' 85, Ken Barry RCRH' 85, Rita Buscanics FCRH ' 85, Jim Joy FCRH '86

Rita Buscanics FCRH ' 85, Russ Wilson FCRH '86, Elizabeth Burrnell FCRH '85, Laura Fois FCRH '87

Rita Buscanics FCRH ' 85, Jim Joy FCRH '86,  Russ Wilson FCRH '86 (jumping on ) Joe Pedulla 'FCRH 85 (writhing on floor), Mary Winterroth FCRH '86

Laura Fois FCRH '87, Laura Byrne FCRH '88, Mary Winterroth FCRH '86, Joe Pedulla FCRH '85, Jon Claudy FCLC ' 85

Tim McCluskey FCRH 85, Laura Fois FCRH '87, Russ Wilson FCRH '86, Rita Buscanics FCRH' 85, Brendan Burns FCBA '88(carrying Laura Byrne FCRH '88), Chris King FCRH ' 85, Greg Duva FCRH '87, Joe Pedulla 'FCRH 85, Mary Winterroth FCRH '86

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